Who The Hell Is Officer PePe?


If you're wondering who or what this is, let me give you a brief summary of the reasoning behind this page. One day I decided it would be cool to go around taking pictures of a certain figure everywhere I went. That figure turned out to be a small lego figure. The 1st time I took the pictures was in the train station and after showing the results to a few people and getting awesome feedback I decided to keep going and what you see are the results of me carrying this little guy in my jacket pocket everywhere. I used different cameras but mostly I use my Casio Exilim point and shoot. The quality wont be top notch, but hopefully I can one day be able to afford a professional camera and you guys will enjoy the full potential of Officer PePe.

UPDATE: 9/6/2G11
I now have a much better camera (canon 7d) and great lenses, I will be posting new pictures with new characters this week!

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

The Comeback....Man

Guess who's back!
Yep, Officer PePe is back!
Well, not literally him, since, you know, he's with the good lego Lord right now hanging with the real Tupac.
His cousin, who out of tribute to his fallen family member changed his name to Officer PePe (and I didnt want to change the website name), will be starting a whole new set of adventures!
Many or the pics will be taken by his personal photographer's phone, so look out for the pictures on instagram.
This site will be moving to a tumblr feed soon so stay tuned.

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

PePe's Journal: Entry 85 - Officer PePe's Daughter Moving on

 Recent photoshoot with Ms Mandarina brought more emotions than she thought when she visited the same body of water where her father was last seen.
Shortly after Officer De La Cruz came into the scene on OfficerPePe.blogspot.com, Officer PePe's daughter, Ms Lani Mandarina, stopped the site because she felt that her father's legacy wasn't being properly kept. After more than a year of mourning, negotiations and planning, Officer De La Cruz will be back and he had one great surprise for everyone. Keep your eyes here!

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

PePe's Journal: Entry 83 - Officer De La Cruz On and Over the Henry Hudson Parkway

Here is Officer De La Cruz over the the Hanry Hudson PKWY with a nice view of the George Washington Bridge, and right on the road. These were by far the most dangerous pictures Dj Boy has ever taken. he cars were literally less than a foot away from him and Officer De La Cruz going at 50mph on average. They made for awesome pictures so I hope you guys enjoy em!